S-3.3, r. 2 - Regulation respecting rail safety

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84. Level crossing signs must comply with those described in Schedule III and indicate the number of tracks where the road crosses 2 tracks or more. The mileage point of the level crossing must be indicated on the back of one of the signs.
Those signs must be covered, over their surface, with a silver white colour that complies with Standard 62-GP-11M, Reflectivity Level 1 or better. Their reflectivity must never be less than 50% of its initial value. The border must be drawn with transparent red ink by serigraphy. The number and illustration of tracks must be in black or drawn with transparent red ink by serigraphy.
In addition, those signs must be erected in accordance with Schedule IV. Where the distance, measured along the public road between the centre lines of 2 adjacent tracks, is more than 30 m (100 ft.), each level crossing is considered as distinct.
O.C. 1401-2000, s. 84.