S-3.3, r. 2 - Regulation respecting rail safety

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(s. 22)
Sound Indication

(1) o Stop signal. Braking system is equalized; angle cock
may be closed and the cars may be uncoupled.

(2) oo (a) Answer to a “stop” signal (except a fixed signal).
(b) Answer to any signal not otherwise provided for.
NOTE: b is not applicable when switching.

(3) oooo Call for signals;

(4) Succession of Alarm for persons or animals on or near the track.
short sounds

(5) _ _ o _ (a) At every whistle sign.
(b) At least 20 seconds of every level crossing, to be
prolonged or repeated until the level crossing is
fully occupied by the engine or cars pushed.
(c) At frequent intervals when view is restricted by
weather, curvature or other conditions.

Signals are illustrated by “o” for short sounds; “_” for longer sounds.
O.C. 1401-2000, Sch. II.