R-10, r. 2 - Regulation under the Act respecting the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan

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7.4. The parties forming the employer, present at the meeting, designate a returning officer and 2 deputy returning officers. The deputy returning officers draw up the list of the parties present by specifying in respect of each one of them the number of employees that were assigned to each party pursuant to section 7.2, and proceed with the voting.
The vote of each party is expressed by means of a ballot worded as follows:
“I am favourable to the participation in the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan or the Pension Plan of Management Personnel, as the case may be, of the employees of the research centre who will be called to elect to participate in one plan or the other.
Yes [ ] No [ ]
Name of the party forming the employer: _____________________
Number of employees assigned: [ ]”.
A party may vote by proxy. The proxy must be given to the returning officer.
After collecting the ballot papers, the deputy returning officers count the votes on the basis of the number of employees assigned to one party, each employee counting for one vote, and immediately communicate the result of the poll to the meeting. A simple majority of the votes cast on that basis decides the question.
T.B. 209326, s. 3.