Q-2, r. 7 - Regulation respecting pits and quarries

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37. Possibilities: Subject to the case provided for in section 47, the land restoration plan for a pit or quarry must comprise one or more of the following options:
(a)  the levelling and revegetation of the land (trees, bushes, lawns or garden);
(b)  backfill by one of the following materials, followed by surface revegetation:
i.  earth, sand, gravel or stone;
ii.  residues of a mineral nature from aggregate material extraction;
iii.  sludge generated by sedimentation basins used in aggregate extraction or dimension stone processing processes, with a dryness equal to or greater than 15% and that, when tested by a laboratory accredited by the Minister under section 118.6 of the Act, contains no free liquid; or
iv.  particles of a mineral nature recuperated by an air cleaning system and resulting from the crushing and screening of aggregate material and fragments of cement concrete or brick, with the exception of firebrick;
(c)  creation of an artificial body of water;
(d)  recreation area or construction project.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. Q-2, r. 2, s. 37; O.C. 450-2011, s. 1.