Q-2, r. 40 - Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water

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40. If the water put at the disposal of a user that originates from a distribution system or tank truck does not comply with one of the parameters for organic or inorganic substances, radioactive substances or activities, or turbidity, set out in Schedule 1, the person in charge of the distribution system, or the person in charge of the vehicle must, over 2 days separated by less than 72 hours, collect or have at least 1 sample per day collected for the purpose of testing the water supplied for those parameters. In the case of a standard based on the average of quarterly sampling and in the case of an exceedance of the standard of quality of drinking water relating to lead, the 2-day sampling requirement is replaced by the requirement to certify to the Minister the efficiency of the necessary remedial measures.
Water supplied by that distribution system or vehicle may be considered as again complying with the aforementioned parameters only if the analysis of the samples collected has shown that compliance.
The provisions of the fourth paragraph of section 39 also apply, with the necessary modifications. The water samples collected under this section may not be taken into account for the purposes of the sampling prescribed by sections 14, 15, 19 and 21.
O.C. 647-2001, s. 40; O.C. 467-2005, s. 37; O.C. 70-2012, s. 49.