Q-2, r. 4.1 - Clean Air Regulation

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68. A stationary combustion turbine used to produce electricity must not emit nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere in excess of the limits set out in the following table for each category of turbine:

Category of turbine Nitrogen oxide emission
(electricity generating capacity - MW) limits (ppm)

< 50 30

< 50 supplied by liquid fuel and situated 60
outside the area described in Schedule J

≥ 50 15

≥ 50 situated in the area described in Schedule J 4

For the purposes of this section, if a facility has several turbines, the prescribed limits are determined according to the total production capacity of all the facility’s turbines.
This section does not apply to a stationary combustion turbine or a set of turbines if the nitrogen oxide emission is less than 25 t per year.
O.C. 501-2011, s. 68.