Q-2, r. 4.1 - Clean Air Regulation

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30. The emission of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere from the combined paint application activities of a flooring or prefinished panel manufacturing establishment may exceed the limit prescribed by section 27, provided that the volatile organic compound content of the paints applied does not exceed the limit set out in the following table for each type of paint:

Type of paint Maximum VOC content
(g/l of product applied)

Washcoat 730

Primer 600

Translucent stain 760

Non-grain raising stain 780

Ink 500

Filler 480

Sealer 670

Transparent finishing coat 670

All other types of paint 670

For the purposes of this section, the volatile organic compound content is established according to the monthly weighted average composition of the volumes used for each type of paint. If a solvent, hardener or catalyst is mixed with the paint, the volatile organic compound content of the product must be included in the calculation of the average content of the paint used to determine its volatile organic compound content.
O.C. 501-2011, s. 30.