Q-2, r. 4.1 - Clean Air Regulation

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202. For the purposes of sections 75, 77, 91, 92, 97 and 153 and Title IV, the concentration of contaminants must be calculated for a point off the limits of the property occupied by the source of contamination and off a sector zoned for industrial purposes or in a buffer zone adjacent to such a sector, as established by the competent municipal authorities. If the territory thus zoned includes one or more permanent residences, the contaminant concentration must also be calculated for a point within the property limits of each of those residences.
A contaminant concentration in the atmosphere is calculated on the basis of the initial concentration in the results of sampling carried out or validated by the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs for all or part of the 3 preceding years and taken on the site of the stationary source of contamination or in a comparable environment or, if sampling results are not available for that period, on the basis of the initial concentration for that contaminant appearing in column 2 of Schedule G or K, as the case may be.
Despite the second paragraph, in the case of the calculation of the concentration of fine particles and benzene, the initial concentration corresponds to the 98th percentile of the same sampling results or to the initial concentration for those contaminants appearing in column 2 of Schedule K.
O.C. 501-2011, s. 202.