Q-2, r. 35.2 - Water Withdrawal and Protection Regulation

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(s. 37)
(1) The following physico-chemical parameters must be measured on-site during sampling:
(1) specific electric conductivity;
(2) pH;
(3) oxydo-reduction potential;
(4) temperature;
(5) turbidity, where a water sample is taken from a surface water withdrawal site.
(2) The samples collected must be analyzed for the following substances and parameters:
(1) organic compounds:
(a) total BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene);
(b) total organic carbon (C);
(c) ethane (C2H6);
(d) polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs);
(e) petroleum hydrocarbons (C10-C50);
(f) dissolved and, if applicable, stable isotopic signature
(g) propane (C3H8).
(2) dissolved inorganic compounds:
(a) aluminum (Al);
(b) antimony (Sb);
(c) silver (Ar);
(d) arsenic (As);
(e) barium (Ba);
(f) beryllium (Be);
(g) bismuth (Bi);
(h) boron (B);
(i) bromium (Br);
(j) cadmium (Cd);
(k) calcium (Ca);
(l) chlorides;
(m) chrome (Cr);
(n) cobalt (Co);
(o) copper (Cu);
(p) tin (Sn);
(q) iron (Fe);
(r) fluorides (F);
(s) lithium (Li);
(t) magnesium (Mg);
(u) manganese (Mn);
(v) molybdenum (Mo);
(w) nickel (Ni);
(x) nitrites + nitrates;
(y) lead (Pb);
(z) potassium (K);
(aa) total radium (Ra);
(bb) selenium (Se);
(cc) silicon (Si);
(dd) sodium (Na);
(ee) strontium (Sr);
(ff) sulphates;
(gg) sulphides;
(hh) thallium (Tl)
(ii) total thorium (Th);
(jj) titanium (Ti);
(kk) uranium (U);
(ll) vanadium (V);
(mm) zinc (Zn);
(3) the following parameters:
(a) alkalinity;
(b) total dissolved and suspended solids.
(3) All samples must be analyzed by laboratories accredited pursuant to section 118.6 of the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q-2) or, if no laboratory is accredited for the analysis of a given substance, by a laboratory that meets ISO/CEI 17025, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, published jointly by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission.
(4) The laboratory sends the results to the person responsible for the drilling site.
O.C. 696-2014, Sch. II.