Q-2, r. 19 - Regulation respecting the landfilling and incineration of residual materials

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140. The operation of the facilities to which Divisions 2, 3 and 5 of Chapter II and Chapters III and IV apply, except a transfer station referred to in the second paragraph of section 139.2, is subject to the provision of a financial guarantee by the operator or by a third party on the operator’s behalf to guarantee, during the operation and on closure, the performance of the operator’s obligations under the Environment Quality Act (chapter Q-2), the regulations, an order or an authorization.
The amount of the financial guarantee is established as follows:

Class of facility Guarantee

Engineered landfill and construction
or demolition waste landfill
- receiving less than 20,000 tons $100,000
per year
- receiving from 20,000 to 100,000 $300,000
tons per year
- receiving more than 100,000 tons $500,000
per year without exceeding
300,000 tonnes per year
- receiving more than 300,000 tons $1,000,000
per year

Trench landfill $50,000 per landfill,
maximum $250,000
for the operator of
more than 1 landfill

Incineration facility 1% of capital cost,
minimum $100,000
maximum $2,000,000

Transfer station $100,000

O.C. 451-2005, s. 140; O.C. 451-2011, s. 36.