P-41.1, r. 1 - Preservation of Agricultural Land and Agricultural Activities Regulation

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3.2. The following documents must accompany any application for exclusion made by a local municipality under section 65 of the Act:
(1)  a resolution, giving reasons, based on the criteria set out in section 62 of the Act and indicating the suitable locations available outside its agricultural zone;
(2)  a supporting resolution, giving reasons, by the regional county municipality or community based on the criteria set out in section 62 of the Act, the objectives of the land use planning and development plan, the complementary document and any interim control measures;
(3)  a dated and signed scale plan, indicating the scale used, the cardinal points, the lot number, area and measurement of each side of the sites referred to in the application, the area and the location of each lot belonging to the owner of the lots in question that is contiguous or deemed contiguous under the Act to each of those lots;
(4)  the opinion of an authorized municipal officer with respect to the compliance of the application for exclusion with the municipal zoning by-law and any interim control measures; and
(5)  a cheque payable to the Minister of Finance for the amount stipulated in section 1 of the Regulation respecting the tariff of duties, fees and costs made under the Act respecting the preservation of agricultural land and agricultural activities (chapter P-41.1, r. 6).
Decision 2000-03-03, s.2.