P-12, r. 8 - Regulation respecting diploma and training equivalence standards for the issue of a permit by the Ordre des podiatres du Québec

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3. A candidate who holds a diploma awarded by an educational institution outside Québec is granted a diploma equivalence if the diploma was obtained upon completion of studies at a level equivalent to university comprising a minimum of 195 credits. At least 192 of the 195 credits must be apportioned as follows:
(1)  basic sciences: a minimum of 37 credits in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology and histology, and at least 6 credits in community health and research methodology;
(2)  clinical sciences and podiatry: at least 80 credits apportioned as follows:
(a)  pathologies 16 credits;
(b)  biomechanics 4 credits;
(c)  radiology 7 credits;
(d)  podiatric orthopedics 8 credits;
(e)  pharmacology 5 credits;
(f)  emergency care / traumatology 3 credits;
(g)  podiatric surgery 10 credits;
(h)  ethics and deontology 3 credits;
(i)  clinical podiatry 24 credits;
(3)  clinical practicums in podiatry: a minimum of 69 credits apportioned as follows:
(a)  podiatry 18 credits;
(b)  podiatric orthopedics 22 credits;
(c)  podiatric surgery 20 credits;
(d)  podiatric radiology 9 credits.
O.C. 427-2008, s. 3.