I-13.3, r. 9 - Basic adult general education regulation

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32.1. On the recommendation of the school board, the Minister shall award a training certificate for a semi-skilled trade, with mention of the trade, to every adult who has completed the training of not less than 900 hours and has successfully completed the practical training component for the semi-skilled trade of not less than 450 hours. That training includes
(1)  in general training:
(a)  200 hours in language of instruction (French or English);
(b)  100 hours in second language (French or English); and
(c)  150 hours in mathematics; and
(2)  in practical training:
(a)  75 hours in introduction to the world of work; and
(b)  375 hours in preparation for the semi-skilled trade.
O.C. 489-2005, s. 5.