I-13.3, r. 8 - Basic school regulation for preschool, elementary and secondary education

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30.2. The results in section 2 of the elementary school report cards or secondary school report cards, cycle one or two, must all be expressed as a percentage. The results are based on the framework for the evaluation of learning established by the Minister for each program of study as well as, in accordance with section 30.3, on the examinations set by the Minister or the school board, if applicable.
The final mark per competency or component is calculated according to the following weighing: 20% for the first term, 20% for the second term, 60% for the third term.
The student’s subject mark and final subject mark are calculated using the weighing of competencies established in the framework for the evaluation.
O.C. 699-2007, s. 9; O.C. 712-2010, s. 7.