I-13.3, r. 8 - Basic school regulation for preschool, elementary and secondary education

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14. A person who is over the age limit referred to in the first paragraph of section 1 of the Education Act (chapter I-13.3) may, on the conditions the Minister determines, be admitted to the educational services provided by a school if the person
(1)  was enrolled in the previous school year
(a)  in a school or vocational training centre established by a school board;
(b)  in a private educational institution in Québec that offered elementary or secondary education; or
(c)  in an educational institution outside Québec that offered instruction equivalent to elementary or secondary education provided in Québec; or
(2)  was enrolled, in the last 24 months, in an educational institution referred to in paragraph 1, but was unable to be enrolled in that educational institution in the preceding school year because the person
(a)  gave birth to a child;
(b)  was caring for a child under the age of 12 months; or
(c)  was unable for more than 1 month to continue studies and that incapacity is supported by a medical certificate.
O.C. 651-2000, s. 14; O.C. 488-2005, s. 2.