F-3.1.1, r. 3.1 - Regulation respecting the qualification process and qualified persons

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10. In a qualification process for promotion, eligibility may be restricted to persons belonging to a geographical area.
A person is considered to belong to a geographical area when the person’s principal residence or base is located in that area.
The following areas constitute geographical areas for the purposes of this Regulation:
(1)  a regional area corresponding to a region described in the Décret concernant la révision des limites des régions administratives du Québec (chapter D-11, r. 1);
(2)  a local area corresponding to a municipality governed by any Act, an unorganized territory or an Indian reserve;
(3)  a regional area to which is added another local or regional area;
(4)  a local area to which is added another local area.
T.B. 214922, s. 10.