F-2.1, r. 2 - Regulation respecting compensations in lieu of taxes

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19. Notwithstanding section 17 or 18, as the case may be, the competent person may pay an additional compensation or refund himself for an amount collected in excess by increasing or decreasing the amount of any payment that is provided for in this Regulation or a regulation made under paragraph 7 of section 262 of the Act and that must be made by the person after the date on which he received the demand for payment of the additional compensation or ascertained the existence of an amount collected in excess.
Any person availing himself of the first paragraph shall send a notice of his decision to the municipality. Such notice shall be sent not later than the date of the payment the amount of which is increased or decreased, or, where it is offset entirely by the amount collected in excess, before the expiry of the time limit within which the payment ought to have been made. Furthermore, the notice concerning an amount collected in excess may not be sent after the expiry of the time limit applicable under the second paragraph of section 18 to the sending of a demand for refund.
Where it is sent before the amount of the payment is increased or decreased, the notice shall explain the consequences of the decision taken under the first paragraph, particularly with respect to computation of the interest under Subdivision 4, and shall inform the municipality of the right provided for in section 20.
O.C. 1086-92, s. 19; O.C. 1170-2001, s. 13.