E-3.3, r. 11 - Regulation respecting the right to recommand enumerators, revisors and revising officers

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7. For the purposes of Divisions II and III;
(a)  if the results of a reapportionment or of the preceding election do not point to any authorized party as entitled to make a recommendation, the recommendation shall be made by one of the following parties, in the order indicated, provided that the party has not already been entitled to recommend the first or the second enumerator, as the case may be:
i.  the authorized party forming the Government;
ii.  the authorized party forming the Official Opposition;
iii.  an authorized party represented in the National Assembly, beginning with the party having the most Members;
iv.  an authorized party not represented in the National Assembly;
(b)  in the case of a tie, the returning officer shall draw lots in the presence of representatives of the parties or, failing them, 2 electors. The same procedure will be followed in the case of competition between parties covered by subparagraph iv of paragraph a.
Decision 89-03-23, s. 7.