E-2.2, r. 3 - Regulation respecting voting by mail

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3. Before the publication of the notice of election provided for in section 99 of the Act, the returning officer must take the measures necessary to properly inform electors that electors have the right to vote by mail if they apply therefor in writing to the returning officer not later than the deadline set by the returning officer.
For the purpose of applying the first paragraph to the exercise of the right to vote in a referendum poll, the information measures provided for in the first paragraph must be taken as soon as the resolution fixing the date of the referendum poll is passed and must include
(1)  the date on which the ballot papers will be sent by the clerk or secretary-treasurer;
(2)  the deadline for receiving ballot papers at the office of the clerk or secretary-treasurer; and
(3)  the fact that a qualified voter who has made an application and has not received his or her ballot papers on the sixth day before polling day may contact the clerk or secretary-treasurer to obtain them.
M.O. 2009-05-13, s. 3.