E-2.2, r. 3 - Regulation respecting voting by mail

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1. This Regulation determines the terms and conditions on which an elector or a qualified voter may exercise the right to vote by mail for the purposes of a poll carried out under the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities (chapter E-2.2).
The terms and conditions are added to those provided for in the Act, which continues to apply, adapted as required, except in the case of inconsistency.
Only a person entered or entitled to be entered as an elector or a qualified voter on the list of electors or referendum list in a capacity other than that of a domiciled person is an elector or qualified voter under this Regulation.
For the purpose of applying a provision of this Regulation to the exercise of the right to vote in a referendum poll, if such a provision is applicable, “elector” means a qualified voter, “returning officer” means the clerk or secretary-treasurer and “list of electors“ means the referendum list.
M.O. 2009-05-13, s. 1.