D-9.2, r. 12.1 - Regulation respecting the compulsory professional development of the Chambre de l’assurance de dommages

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22. The Chamber recognizes training activities and establishes the eligible duration of those activities to calculate the PDUs relating thereto if the activities enable development of the following professional knowledge, competencies and skills:
(1)  acquisition and betterment of an integrated approach to the pursuit of the activities for which the representatives hold an authorization to practise;
(2)  acquisition and application of knowledge and analysis methods specific to the activities of representatives;
(3)  acquisition, comprehension and application of theoretical and technical knowledge in subjects pertaining to compliance with standards, business conduct and professional ethics.
A training activity based on the sale or promotion of a product cannot be recognized under this Regulation.
M.O. 2014-02, s. 22.