C-73.2, r. 2 - Regulation respecting contracts and forms

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9. A brokerage contract made by a broker acting on his or her own account must include the following particular:
“If the BROKER ceases to carry on brokerage activities on his or her own account to carry them on instead for an agency, (IDENTIFICATION OF THE BROKER’S CLIENT) may elect to continue to do business with the BROKER and to be bound to the agency for which the BROKER will carry on brokerage activities, by sending the broker a notice to that effect. (IDENTIFICATION OF THE BROKER’S CLIENT) is then bound to the agency under the same terms and conditions as those provided for in this contract from the moment the broker begins to act for the agency.
Should such a notice not be sent by the day on which the BROKER begins to carry on brokerage activities for the agency, this contract will be terminated.”.
O.C. 300-2010, s. 9.