C-26, r. 174 - Regulation respecting the standards for diploma or training equivalence for the issuance of a permit by the Ordre professionnel des inhalothérapeutes du Québec

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4. Notwithstanding section 3, where the diploma that is the subject of the application for equivalence was obtained more than 3 years prior to the application and the candidate has not practised or has ceased to practise during this period, the equivalence shall be refused if the knowledge acquired by the candidate no longer corresponds, taking into account developments in the profession, to the knowledge that is imparted, at the time of the application, in a program of studies leading to a diploma recognized under government regulations as giving access to a permit.
However, equivalence shall be granted if the candidate’s relevant work experience and training acquired since the diploma was awarded have allowed the candidate to reach the required level of knowledge.
O.C. 1332-2000, s. 4.