C-26, r. 174 - Regulation respecting the standards for diploma or training equivalence for the issuance of a permit by the Ordre professionnel des inhalothérapeutes du Québec

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3. A candidate who holds a diploma awarded by an educational establishment outside Québec is granted diploma equivalence if the diploma was obtained upon completion of college-level studies comprising at least 2,775 hours, or the equivalent, of learning activities, including 2,115 hours of training specific to this area of specialization and apportioned as follows:
(1)  at least 240 hours in subjects dealing with human biology, human anatomy, chemistry, biochemistry, and physiology;
(2)  at least 795 hours in subjects directly relating to professional training in respiratory therapy, comprising
(a)  244 hours in respiratory care, including instrumentation, pharmacology, pathology, and respiratory therapy;
(b)  271 hours in critical and emergency care, including instrumentation, mechanical ventilation, haemodynamics, gas exchange, pharmacology, and pathology;
(c)  90 hours in anaesthesia assistance, including instrumentation, pharmacology, and methodology and procedure related to anaesthesiology;
(d)  126 hours in diagnostic testing, including cardiology and pulmonary function;
(3)  supervised clinical training sessions in respiratory therapy, including at least 250 hours in anaesthesia assistance.
The candidate must also have passed a program synthesis test at the end of the study program demonstrating the integration of knowledge acquired.
O.C. 1332-2000, s. 3.