C-25.01, r. 9 - Regulation of the Court of Québec

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36. Transcript or copy of sound recording. When a transcript of the evidence is required by the judge, the clerk must provide it within 30 days unless the judge decides otherwise.
When a judge renders judgment at the hearing, any request for a transcript or a copy of the sound recording must be sent to the judge in order to review its accuracy.
Unless otherwise provided for or otherwise ordered by the judge, every person may obtain from the clerk, on payment of the fees, a copy of the sound recording of a trial.
In youth protection and adoption cases, except if an appeal has been filed, the sound recording of the trial and the stenographic notes cannot be copied or transcribed without authorization from the court, which sets the conditions for access and disclosure. In such cases, the clerk stores the transcript of the hearing separately from the record.
In youth criminal justice cases, the original transcript of the hearing must be filed in the record.
O.C. 1099-2015, s. 36.