C-25.01, r. 5 - Rules of practice in civil matters of the Superior Court (District of Québec)

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(arts. 275, 276 C.C.P.)
10.1 A lengthy case is one where the estimated duration of the hearing as per the attestation of readiness is more than 5 days.
10.2 The Chief Justice designates a Judge responsible for all lengthy cases for all the districts of the Division.
10.3 The Judge responsible for a district countersigns the attestation of readiness issued by the Clerk, after checking the duration, and the file is then forwarded to the Judge responsible for lengthy cases.
10.4 Once the attestation of readiness is issued, copy of any incidental demand shall be reported to the Judge in charge of lengthy cases until the case has been referred to a Judge for proof and hearing, after which, notification shall be given to that Judge who may decide to keep the proceeding before him.
Decision 2001-07-26, s. 10; Decision 2004-07-23, s. 7.