C-25.01, r. 10 - Civil Practice Regulation (Court of appeal)

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56. The Book of Authorities. Each party may produce a book of authorities (statutory provisions, jurisprudence and doctrine), printed recto verso and separated by tabs; the excerpts relied upon shall be identified (by a marginal line, underlining or highlighting).
The text of judgments of the Supreme Court of Canada must be that which is published in its reports (or prior to such publication, that which is available).
The texts of authorities may be limited to relevant excerpts (along with the preceding and succeeding page) together with the headnote of the judgment (if available).
If a technological version of the book of authorities is produced in an accessible format (by an appeal management decision or as a complement to a paper copy version), the texts shall be PDF accessible where possible, and key-word searches must be possible.
Decision 2015-12-10, s. 56.