C-25.01, r. 10 - Civil Practice Regulation (Court of appeal)

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49. Format (Art. 370). The brief shall comply with the following:
(a)  Colour: The cover page shall be yellow for the appellant, green for the respondent and gray for any other party;
(b)  Cover Page. The following shall be indicated on the cover page:
i.  the record number in appeal;
ii.  the court that rendered the judgment under appeal, the judicial district, the name of the judge, the date of the judgment and the number of the court record;
iii.  the style of cause (in accordance with section 22 above);
iv.  the title of the brief by reference to the status of the party in appeal in accordance with section 23 above;
v.  the name of its author who signs the attestation and the latter’s coordinates (those of other counsel having been recorded on the second page).
(c)  Table of Contents. The first volume of the brief shall contain a general table of contents at the front and each subsequent volume (and that of the technological version) shall contain a table for its contents;
(d)  Pagination. Page numbers of the brief shall be placed at the top of the page in the centre;
(e)  Spacing, Typeface and Margins. The text of the Argument shall have at least one and one half spaces between the lines (except for quotations, which shall be single spaced and indented). The typeface shall be 12 point Arial font with no more than 12 characters per 2.5 cm (thereby excluding Times New Roman and Garamond font). The margins shall be no less than 2.5 cm;
(f)  Numbering of Paragraphs. The paragraphs of the Argument shall be numbered;
(g)  Printing. The Argument and Schedule I shall be printed on the left hand side of the volume and recto verso for the other Schedules;
(h)  Number of Pages. Each volume shall be composed of a maximum of 225 sheets;
(i)  Volumes. Each volume shall be numbered on the cover page and its bottom edge, and make mention of the sequence of pages it contains;
(j)  Exhibits. All exhibits included in the schedules shall be legible, failing which they shall be accompanied by a transcription of the text, and be reproduced in the order of their numbering. Each exhibit shall be reproduced beginning on a new page that includes the exhibit number, its date and nature. Photocopies of photographs are permitted only if they are clear;
(k)  Depositions. Each deposition shall begin on a new page and mention in the title the surname of the witness (in upper case letters), followed by the witness’ given name and place of residence (in lower case letters) as well as the following information in abbreviated form (in parentheses):
— the name of the party that called the witness;
— the stage of the trial (case in chief, defence, rebuttal) or at a pre-trial stage;
— the stage of the examination (examination in chief, cross-examination, re-examination).
The title of the pages that follow restates the name of the witness and the information in abbreviated form.
(l)  Four in One Format. Depositions may be reproduced in paper copy format of 4 pages in one using an Arial 10 font or its equivalent. The 4 pages shall contain a maximum of 25 lines, numbered on the left hand side of the page, and be in vertical sequence. The page itself shall have only one title (corresponding to the commencement of the text).
Decision 2015-12-10, s. 49.