C-25.01, r. 10 - Civil Practice Regulation (Court of appeal)

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45. Schedules. The appellant’s brief shall consist of 3 schedules, which reproduce:
— Schedule I: the judgment under appeal (including reasons) and, in the case of judicial review or appeal, the impugned decision;
— Schedule II:
(a)  the notice of appeal (Art. 352), and, as the case may be, the application for leave to appeal (Art. 357) and the judgment granting leave;
(b)  the proceedings of the joined issue and the minutes of the hearing on the merits in first instance;
(c)  all applicable statutory provisions other than those in the Civil Code of Québec and the Code of Civil Procedure;
— Schedule III: all and only those exhibits and depositions necessary for the Court to decide the issues in dispute (Art. 372, para. 1).
Decision 2015-12-10, s. 45.