C-25.01, r. 10 - Civil Practice Regulation (Court of appeal)

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42. Argument. Each Argument shall be divided into 5 parts:
— Part I (Facts): the appellant shall succinctly recite the facts. The respondent may comment and relate additional facts;
— Part II (Issues in Dispute): the appellant shall concisely enumerate the issues in dispute. The respondent may answer and state any other relevant issue;
— Part III (Submissions): each party shall develop its submissions, with specific reference to the content of the schedules;
— Part IV (Conclusions): each party shall state the precise conclusions it seeks;
— Part V (Authorities): each party shall prepare a list of authorities in the order in which they appear in the Argument, with a specific reference to the paragraph(s) at which they are cited.
Decision 2015-12-10, s. 42.