C-25, r. 4 - Regulation of the Court of Québec

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49. The clerk shall draw up the minutes of the hearing, in which he shall enter:
(1)  the record number;
(2)  the identification number of the tape reel, where applicable;
(3)  the names of the parties in the case;
(4)  the presence or absence of any party;
(5)  the names of the attorneys, their computer codes and the parties they are representing;
(6)  the name of the judge presiding over the hearing;
(7)  the names of the clerk and the stenographer, where applicable;
(8)  the date and time of the beginning and the end of the hearing and, where applicable, the tape position numbers;
(9)  the nature of the case and the amount of the claim, where applicable;
(10)  the name, age and address of each witness, as well as the name of the party calling them to testify;
(11)  the code and the description of all the exhibits filed;
(12)  the conclusions of any judgment, order or measure rendered at the hearing by the judge;
(13)  the grounds for any decision pertaining to a motion for adjournment;
(14)  the different stages of the proceedings, indicating the time and, where applicable, the tape position numbers.
O.C. 673-2003, s. 49.