C-25, r. 4 - Regulation of the Court of Québec

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124. The clerk must ensure that a record is complete before sending it to the judge for hearing or for advisement, and that it contains, among other things, the pleadings and the exhibits, as well as the studies, factums and reports filed in support of the proceedings, numbered in order by date of filing. If the record is incomplete, the clerk must notify the attorneys of that fact so that they may take the necessary action to complete it, in the time limit set by him, and must leave a note in the record indicating that they have been so notified.
Should a party fail to file an exhibit required by the judge, or complete his oral or written address within the time limit set at the hearing, the judge shall take the record under advisement in the state in which it is found upon the expiry of this time limit.
O.C. 673-2003, s. 124.