C-25, r. 4 - Regulation of the Court of Québec

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123. The clerk shall draw up the minutes of the hearing in accordance with the form provided for this purpose, and shall enter therein:
(1)  the record number and, where applicable, the identification number of the tape reel;
(2)  the names of the parties in attendance, including, where applicable, that of the child and, in criminal and penal matters, that of the adolescent;
(3)  the date and time of the beginning and the end of the hearing and, where applicable, the tape position numbers;
(4)  the name of the judge presiding over the hearing;
(5)  the names of the attorneys and, where applicable, their computer code or box number;
(6)  the names of the clerk and the stenographer, where applicable;
(7)  a reference to the Act under which the case is brought, as well as the nature of the case or, in criminal and penal matters, a reference to the Act under which the offence is alleged to have been committed by the adolescent;
(8)  the name, age, capacity and address of each witness, as well as the name of the party calling them to testify;
(9)  where applicable, the swearing-in of the interpreter and his address;
(10)  a description of the exhibits filed and the classification code assigned to each one;
(11)  the admissions and confessions;
(12)  the different stages of the hearing;
(13)  the decision of a party not to be represented by an attorney;
(14)  the conclusions of any judgment, decision, order or measure rendered at the hearing by the judge and the tape position numbers of the mechanical recording of these decisions, with the exception of those pertaining to objections to evidence that are simply noted;
(15)  the grounds for any decision pertaining to a motion for adjournment.
O.C. 673-2003, s. 123.