C-25, r. 4 - Regulation of the Court of Québec

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112. Each of the parties must, in an affidavit, attest that the child is not already the subject of a motion, action or judgment of the Court of Québec or of another court, or of an agreement between the parties or with the director of youth protection and, where applicable, provide a copy of such motion, action, judgment or agreement.
The same applies when the alleged facts are the subject of a criminal prosecution and, where applicable, a copy of the information, the undertakings and the judgment must be provided.
If, during the proceedings, the interests or rights of the child are likely to be affected by the procedure described in the preceding paragraph, the party or his attorney who has knowledge thereof must immediately inform the court by means of an affidavit, which will be filed in the record.
O.C. 673-2003, s. 112.