C-24.2, r. 29 - Regulation respecting road vehicle registration

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60.43. (Revoked).
O.C. 786-2003, s. 30; O.C. 619-2013, s. 6.
60.43. The holder of an apportioned registration may not use an on-board recording device or such a device in conjunction with an information technology system unless
(1)  the holder obtains a certificate from the manufacturer certifying that the device has been sufficiently tested to meet the requirements of paragraphs 2 to 11;
(2)  the on-board recording device and associated support systems do not permit altering of the information collected;
(3)  the editing of copies of the original information collected is identified and the edited and original data are recorded and retained;
(4)  the on-board recording device warns the driver visually or audibly that the device has ceased to function;
(5)  the recording device time and date stamps all data recorded;
(6)  the recording device does not allow data to be overwritten before the data has been extracted;
(7)  the recording device warns the driver visually or audibly that the device’s memory is full and can no longer record data;
(8)  the recording device automatically updates a life-to-date odometer when the vehicle is placed in motion or the operator enters the current vehicle odometer reading when the on-board recording device is connected to the vehicle;
(9)  the recording device provides a method for the driver to confirm that driver-entered data is correct;
(10)  the recording device collects the following data on each trip:
(a)  date of departure and date of arrival;
(b)  trip origin and destination;
(c)  route of travel;
(d)  beginning and ending odometer or hubodometer reading of the trip;
(e)  total distance travelled;
(f)  distance travelled in the territory of each administrative authority;
(g)  power unit number or vehicle identification number; and
(h)  trip stops; and
(11)  the recording device collects the following data:
(a)  road vehicle fleet number;
(b)  name of the holder of the apportioned registration;
(c)  trailer number; and
(d)  driver’s name and identification code.
O.C. 786-2003, s. 30.