C-24.2, r. 29 - Regulation respecting road vehicle registration

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60.4. The Société shall deny apportioned registration of a road vehicle and any operation related thereto if the applicant
(1)  is unable to establish ownership as owner or joint owner of the vehicle, that the vehicle is the property of the partnership of which the applicant is a partner, or consent from the owner to register the vehicle or to apply for any operation related to the registration; or
(2)  refuses or fails to provide, at the request of the Société or the person authorized by the Minister of Revenue pursuant to section 38 of the Tax Administration Act (chapter A-6.002), information or a document relating to the operational records of any fleet of road vehicles under apportioned registration in the applicant’s name or for which the applicant is applying for apportioned registration.
O.C. 951-2000, s. 5; O.C. 786-2003, s. 6.