C-24.2, r. 29 - Regulation respecting road vehicle registration

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60.30. The owner of a fleet of road vehicles whose main activity consists in offering or leasing them, with or without the services of a driver, in at least one other administrative authority, in addition to Québec, may apply for apportioned registration.
At the request of the owner, apportionable road vehicles shall be registered as part of the owner’s fleet of road vehicles, even though such vehicles may be under a long term lease to an individual apportioned carrier.
The calculation of the fees shall be made according to the owner’s operational record. He shall be responsible for the IRP registration certificate as well as its return to the Société if the road vehicle is withdrawn from the fleet of road vehicles. In the case referred to in the second paragraph, the name of the owner as registration holder and the name of the carrier as lessor of the vehicle shall be entered on the certificate.
O.C. 951-2000, s. 5; O.C. 786-2003, s. 20.