C-24.2, r. 29 - Regulation respecting road vehicle registration

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158. To retain the right to operate a road vehicle in one of the categories of registered vehicles, a person referred to in sections 155 to 157 must pay the fees prescribed in that section every year, and the other amounts prescribed in the first paragraph of section 31.1 of the Highway Safety Code (chapter C-24.2) during the 3-month period ending on 31 March for as long as the registration has not been cancelled.
Despite the first paragraph, if there are more than 4 months, including parts of a month, remaining before the payment due date for the annual amounts, the due date is postponed for 12 months upon request by the person to whom the registration was issued. The postponement entails a 12-month postponement of the beginning of the payment period determined in the first paragraph.
Direct debit payment of the amounts referred to this section may be made according to the rules established in sections 25.1 to 25.7, with the reference to “owner of the road vehicle” replaced by “person who has obtained registration in one of the categories of road vehicles covered by sections 143 and 149” and the reference to “the due date determined in sections 19 and 21 to 24” replaced by “31 March”.
O.C. 1420-91, s. 158; O.C. 265-2007, ss. 20 and 21.