A-3.001, r. 12 - Regulation respecting evidence and procedure of the Commission des lésions professionnelles

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17. A party who is obliged to request the postponement of a hearing shall, as soon as he becomes aware of the grounds he wants to invoke, submit a written application to the board stating the grounds and give notice thereof to the other parties; the application shall include supporting evidence, if required.
Furthermore, in order to make its processing easier, an application for postponement shall indicate whether it has been contested or agreed to by the other parties, the probable duration of the hearing, the presence of experts and possible dates of hearing chosen after consulting the board and the other parties.
The hearing shall be postponed only if the grounds invoked are serious and if required for the ends of justice.
O.C. 217-2000, ss. 17 and 19; O.C. 618-2007, s. 17.