A-29, r. 3 - Regulation respecting insured visual aids and related services

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6.5. A visual aid must be recovered by the recognized loaning institution if its use is no longer required by reason of changes in the functional needs of the person to whom the visual aid was loaned, or because the person is no longer using it or is deceased. In that respect, the recognized institution must ensure each year that the loaned visual aid is used by the person to whom it was loaned and that the loan remains justified and in compliance with this Regulation. The institution must also repair, or cause to be repaired, the visual aid as soon as it is recovered so that it is available for another loan.
A visual aid thus recovered may be loaned again as an insured visual aid, and the person to whom the aid is loaned may not choose instead a new visual aid.
O.C. 470-2011, s. 7.