A-20.2, r. 1 - Commercial Aquaculture Regulation

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6. The layout plan required under paragraph 2 of section 4 must include a sketch of the facilities and indicate,
(1)  for land-based aquaculture licence and permanent or temporary fishing pond licence applications,
(a)  the location and dimensions of the proposed aquaculture site or fishing pond and, in the case of an aquaculture site, of each of its cultivation or raising units;
(b)  the water supply sources and their flow in the summer low water period;
(c)  the water processing equipment and other facilities that will be necessary for the proposed maximum production volume or the proposed volume of fish to be kept in captivity; and
(d)  a sketch showing the flow of water in the facilities from the supply sources to the receiving environment;
(2)  for an aquatic aquaculture licence application,
(a)  the geographic coordinates, the area and depth of the proposed aquaculture site and its location on a nautical chart;
(b)  the equipment and facilities that will be immersed until the proposed maximum production volume is reached, their number, dimensions, location and the immersion schedule; and
(c)  the annual schedule of the seasonal adjustments of the equipment and facilities, including when they are placed into and removed from the water; and
(3)  for a mobile fishing pond licence application,
(a)  the dimensions of the basin forming the fishing pond;
(b)  the places where and dates on which the basin will be installed and removed that are known at the time of the application;
(c)  where applicable, the water processing equipment; and
(d)  where applicable, the place where the fish are kept in captivity while the mobile fishing pond is not in operation.
O.C. 607-2008, s. 6.