A-20.01, r. 1 - Regulation respecting pressure vessels

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12. Installers of all refrigeration vessels must provide a declaration before beginning the installation work. Despite Clause 4.3.1 of the Mechanical Refrigeration Code CAN/CSA B52-92, published by the Canadian Standards Association, that declaration shall be accompanied by 3 copies of the plans and specifications of the refrigeration plant for approval and registration, where the total compressor motor power exceeds 75 kW for refrigerants in groups A1 and B1 or 37 kW for refrigerants in groups A2, B2, A3 and B3, in accordance with the classification or refrigerants under Clause 3.3 of the aforementioned Code. The plans submitted must also comply with Clause 4.3.2 of that Code.
If the compressor motor power is not indicated by the manufacturer, when electric motors are used, it is calculated by using the values 0.9 for the power factor and 0.8 for performance.
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