A-18.1, r. 8.1 - Regulation respecting forestry permits

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44.2. A permit application must be made in writing to the Minister.
The application contains the following information, as applicable:
(1)  in respect of the applicant, in the case of a natural person, the person’s name and contact information and, in the other cases, its name, the address of its seat and, if applicable, of its establishment in Québec as well as the name and contact information of the representative holding a mandate to make the application;
(2)  in respect of the description of the forest management activity to be carried out, its nature, location, the area concerned, in hectares, the period planned to carry it out and the quantity of Labrador tea applied for;
(3)  the proposed harvest methods;
(4)  in respect of the person carrying out the work, if not carried out by the applicant, the information listed in subparagraph 1, as applicable, if it is known at the time of the application.
The Minister may require from the applicant an assessment approved by a forest engineer on the quantity of Labrador tea present in the territory covered by the application.
At the request of the Minister, the applicant must send a business plan that includes a description of the project and any other document showing that the applicant is able to operate an enterprise marketing products from that resource and has the financial resources or the financing necessary for carrying out the business plan.
2020-001M.O. 2020-001, s. 3.