A-12, r. 2 - Regulation respecting admission to the practice of the profession of agrologist

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4.03. The examination may deal with the following subjects:
(a)  biology: animal and plant anatomy and physiology, genetics, botany, entomology, microbiology, zoology, ecology and quality of the environment;
(b)  agricultural chemistry: analytical, inorganic and organic chemistry, soil chemistry and the chemistry of agricultural and food products;
(c)  soils: the genesis and classification of soils, the interpretation of soil maps, soil fertility, fertilizers and the economics of fertilizing and manuring, the requirements of the principal crop plants and the possibilities and manner of their use for agricultural purposes, soil conservation and land use;
(d)  agricultural geography: the socio-economical aspects of Québec agriculture, agricultural zones and farming activities in Québec, climatic constraints on Québec agriculture, trends and future prospects;
(e)  economics: agriculture and economic development, political economy and agricultural economics, the economics of agricultural production, agricultural policies, farm cooperatives and farm management, surveys, the marketing of agricultural and food products;
(f)  plant productions: the genetic improvement of cultivated plants and their protection, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, farming methods and crop management, cereals and forage, horticultural and industrial crops;
(g)  animal productions: the breeding, judging, principles of rearing and genetic improvement of farm animals, animal health and pathology, animal nutrition and the raising of different kinds of livestock;
(h)  agricultural engineering: farm machinery, farm buildings, agricultural hydraulics, drainage, irrigation and soil physics;
(i)  food science: the keeping, processing and hygiene of agricultural and food products and the utilization of by-products;
(j)  ethics: the responsibilities and duties of an agrologist in the practice of his profession.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. A-12, r. 1, s. 4.03; O.C. 1724-91, s. 5.